The Investment of Investments – Reasons to buy “Vacant Land”

One of the most misunderstood real estate investments in the world is vacant land – and it is for reasons people like me cannot fathom.

Understandably, vacant land may appear as a weak investment all-in-all, especially if given the assumption of the concerned land being “vacant” (or empty). I mean, yes – it is empty. And it might be these things as well:

  • It does not produce income.
  • Nothing happens to it until something does (duh!)
  • It is just boring as hell.
Just a piece of land? I mean, yeah. It is.

Most of these are, unfortunately, true. Fortunately, one is not. Vacant land is simply one of the best investments in the world due to the fact that you can just leave it after buying, and (since it’s empty and boring) you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.

With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should be investing in “open, empty, boring” land:

No Challengers. Just you.
  1. Competition is almost non-existent – What idea comes into your mind when you think “real estate”? Yes, apartments, townhouses, individual homes, commercials, and all the things in between. Great stuff, yeah. But have you heard someone say, “vacant land”? I am betting there might be less than you can count on your fingers. Therefore, investing in vacant land is like being Steve Jobs in the 1970’s – almost no one to fight with at all.
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  1. Empty Land = Substantially Inexpensive – Having a piece of land as a long-term investment is mind-blowing. Imagine owning land that is just sitting there – silent as ever. Electricity Bill? Nope. Water Bill? Nope. Mortgage Payment? Nope. Property Insurance Costs? Your choice. Property Taxes? Second to none. Vacant land is like keeping a bunch of money on a time deposit – with exploding interests.
  1. Earth will not expand – Weird? What does this mean for you as an investor? Well, earth does not expand – literally. You buy land, you take away a piece of available land for others to buy/own. To put it simply, land on Earth does not increase in quantity. The more vacant land becomes scarce, the more it becomes valuable. If you become one of the lucky ones to invest in vacant land, by the time vacant land comes to the limits of scarcity, your pockets will be full of holes – bursting with sweet money.
There’s only so much land we can buy – until we run out.
  1. You can almost forget about it – Once you buy your piece of vacant land, if you allow automatic payments to whatever very cheap recurring bill you have to pay for it, you will almost forget it – guaranteed. You do not have to ever step foot on it. If someone is willing to build a structure on land if and when they want to, you are good.
  1. It is very peaceful – imagine having a tangible asset that you do not need to worry about. Land does not depreciate, doesn’t wear out, and has nothing to steal, break or destroy. Combine this with the fact that you can start buying land with almost next to nothing. Now, why wouldn’t you do it?
Buy land and be in peace. 🙂

Investing in land has never been so good. Even as businesses halt due to COVID-19, I honestly cannot imagine land buying and selling becoming one of them. As long as we live on this planet, it will always be one of the best investments.

Still, the process of buying land as an investment may get intense, as with all wars before peacetimes. 

11 Acres in the Shape of a Pac-Man in Costilla County, CO

This is where Vacant Land of the Free comes in. Instead of buying land for its full price and going through all the hassle to own one, we offer Land Owner Financing. The “owner” of our land will finance the land purchase, then sell it to you in exchange for receiving regular payments on agreed terms. Within the terms of Land Owner Financing, you become the “owner” of the land from the start of its start. It is like signing up for a bank mortgage, minus all the hassle of paperwork, credit checks, and pre-approval.

Look into this article to see how much better investing in land works with Vacant Land of the Free.

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