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  • $4,829
0.20 acres of Land for Sale in Santa Cruz, AZ


Have you ever dreamt of calling a land your own? Still having doubts whether you should buy land and start investing? Look no further!


This property in Santa Cruz, Arizona is zoned as Estate Residential (ER), which makes it perfect for building a house or a weekend getaway. You and your family will be thrilled with this place! With absolutely no worries, you and your family will be safe from any virus and free from all the chaos in the city.


Owner financing available!

This stunning piece of land can be yours by paying only:

$275 down

$99 per month for 46 months and

$275 for the doc fee


No liens or encumbrances on the property

No credit or background checks

No interests

No lengthy processes


Pay with credit card, debit card or money order

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More information about the property:

APN / Parcel #: 15102186


Property Address: NOGALES, AZ, 85621
County: Santa Cruz County
State: AZ
Lot Number: LOT 11
Legal Description: SUB KINO SPRINGS UNIT NO.4 LOT 11 OF BLK 36
Parcel Size: 0.2013 acres
Subdivision: KINO SPGS


Parcel Dimensions: 93.07 ft x 105.44 ft x 42.28 ft x 29.91 ft x 120.04 ft
GPS Center Coordinates: 31.357730, -110.810963
GPS Corner Coordinates: 31.357743, -110.810736
31.357566, -110.810951
31.357760, -110.811202
31.357838, -110.811102
31.357913, -110.811067
Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/6tWyz4XQnfKsp3MKA
Elevation: 3979.7 feet
Access to the property? (Dirt/ Paved/ Plated but not Built/ No Roads (Land Lock) or Other) Dirt
If others, please specify: N/A
Is there a Structure (Yes or No (If Yes: Explain)) No

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Closest major city: Green Valley, Arizona, USA – 56 min (45.1 miles)
If No Address or 0 address: Closest Property with Numbered Address N/A
Closest small town: Harshaw, Arizona 85624, USA – 43 min (27.5 miles)
Nearby attractions: Patagonia Lake State Park – 25 min (15.6 miles)
Memorial Park – 19 min (10.2 miles)
War Memorial Stadium – 19 min (10.2 miles)
Hilltop Art Gallery – 20 min (10.7 miles)
Anza Park – 20 min (10.7 miles)
Arizona Rangers Museum and Archives – 20 min (10.8 miles)
Pimeria Alta Historical Society Museum – 20 min (11.0 miles)
Wade Carpenter Middle School – 21 min (11.0 miles)
Fleischer Park – 19 min (10.8 miles)
Las Lagunas de Anza Wetlands – 24 min (13.4 miles)


Assessor Website https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov/180/Assessor
Assessor Contact 520-375-8030
Treasurer Website https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov/317/Treasurer
Treasurer Contact 520-375-7980
Recorder/Clerk Website https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov/132/Clerk-of-the-Superior-Court
Recorder/Clerk Contact 520-375-7700
Zoning or Planning Department Website https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov/162/Planning-Zoning-Commission
Zoning or Planning Department Contact 520-375-7930
County Health Department Website https://www.santacruzcountyaz.gov/148/Health-Services
County Health Department Contact 520-375-7900
GIS Website https://sccaz-gis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=6747735f7c9d46d0abfedaf8f0e79e35
CAD Website http://parcelsearch.co.santa-cruz.az.us/RWDataMartPropertyInquiry/ParcelDetail.aspx?a=9900fee7-ce7b-4b7e-a210-5a75147c5304
Electricity Company Phone Number Uni Source Energy Services – 5207617999
Water Company Phone Number Water Department-Field Superintendent – 5202855763
Sewer Company Phone Number Water Department-Field Superintendent – 5202855763
Gas Company Phone Number AmeriGas Propane – 5202812028
Waste Company Phone Number Nogales Recycling & Waste Services – 5202870775


How much is the annual property tax? (Current Year) 2019 – $17.68
Is property part of an HOA (Home Owners Association) or any communities? (Yes/No) The county doesn’t have information about HOA
How much is the annual HOA due? N/a
Are there any HOA dues? If yes, how much is the total amount owed? N/a


What is the zoning of the property? (Residential/Commercial/Agricultural/etc) Residential
Terrain type? (Is it flat /slope/ gently rolling/etc) Flat
Property use code? Property code R-5
Is the land cleared? (Yes/No) Cleared
Is the property buildable? (Yes/ No/Maybe/ etc.. write whatever the county has to say) Yes
What can be built on the property? (Different types of homes that we can build on the lots.) Residential home
Can we camp on the property? (If we buy this property can the owner camp there?) Yes/No No
Notes on Camping ( please take note of the allowed time for camping or whatever the county has to say) Camping not allowed
Are RV’s allowed on the property? (Please ask if there are any restrictions.) Yes/ No No
Note’s on RV’s ( jot down notes whatever the county has to say) RV’s not allowed
Are Mobile homes allowed on the property? (Please ask if there is restrictions.) Yes/No No
Notes on mobile homes ( jot down notes whatever the county has to say) Mobile homes not allowed
Are tiny houses or small cabins allowed in the property? Yes/ No (Please ask if there is restrictions.) Yes/No No
Is there a total size restriction for any structures on the lot? Yes/ No ( Please jot down the notes from the county) No restriction
Are there any building height restrictions? (yes/ No) How many ft… please take down notes from the county Maximunm 35 ft.
What are the setbacks of the lot? 20 ft. front, 7 ft. side, 20 ft. back
What is the minimum lot size to build on the property? 6,000 sq. ft.
Is there any time limit to build? No
Is there a County or City Impact fee required to build and if so how much does this cost? No
Is the property in a flood zone and if so what needs to be done to the lot in order to build? Yes
Any other restrictions? no


What is the electric company name (search if the county can’t provide …and contact information including the phone #.. Uni Source Energy Services – 5207617999
What type of gas does this area service? ( Propane gas/Natural gas/ tank gas/etc) Propane gas / Natural gas
For waste….
Will the county or city pick up the trash?


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Owning a piece of land has never been easier! This perfect mountain view retreat has it all. Get it today before it’s sold!

Santa Cruz, AZ 85621
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0.2 acres
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