Land vs. Cryptocurrency – It’s more similar than you think

Cryptocurrency – since its real conception in the mid-1980s – has gone up and down, here and there. From having just one decentralized cryptocurrency, we now have over 6,000 alternatives to Bitcoin.

What are you talking about?

Okay, so why are we talking about Crypto in an Online Land Marketplace like Vacant Land of the Free? Have you run out of ideas for content?”

No, we have not. We just felt like we needed to talk about something that far more similar than one might think. Yes, Land vs. Cryptocurrency.

Riiiiiiight, so how is it similar?”

Land has always been an extremely popular choice for people to wage war on (yes, I just quickly elevated everything.). From the very first fist-fights and fits of rage of the Homo Erectus due to an unknown assailant trying to capture his land, down to the Roman Empire’s military efforts for expansion, to Adolf Hitler’s dream for the Third Reich – all were, if not directly, because of the idea of getting just as much land as possible. Indirectly, having a large territory means getting more money from more people through taxes. In short, more land = more money.

Land was a staple reason for war.

Cryptocurrency is the manifestation of man’s idea to have transactions done without live middlemen. Just the idea of having to pay for your favorite sandwich without presenting any physical form of money is groundbreaking. Now, we live in an age where people prefer crypto over paper.

The increasing demand for more crypto to be released came the eventual value “boom” of the coins. In late-2017, Bitcoin managed to set a record-high of $20,000 per Bitcoin. Bitcoin basically had no value back in Mid-2009 when it was just something that is being shared between cryptography fans. One guy even bought Pizza for 10,000 BTC. In short, those who invested in Bitcoin or even just managed to acquire 1 BTC just for the sake of having one, instantly garnered 20,000% in profit increase.

Crypto will soon take over.

Okay, so where is this going?”

If it is still not clear, here is the word of the day – Investment. Most people usually just shrug their shoulders on the thought of investing on something, which is primarily due to the lack of trust. It is just that, no one knows if an investment will soon become profitable. One can do some deep analysis of what is happening in the market to have an educated guess on what is to come with his or her investment, but the fact is, there is no real telling.

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The key thing about investing is you’ll have to drop all the weight – you don’t need to think about it; you don’t need to worry about it; you don’t need to carefully manage it. It is just “there”. Therefore, before you even start to think about investing, you should at least have enough in your pockets to just waste away without worrying. Eventually, the money you ended up “wasting” may soon change your life.

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You should invest in land just as how you would invest in cryptocurrency. Factoring in both with regards to where the world is going:

  1. Earth will eventually deplete its resources, including land.
  2. Cryptocurrency will take over the market, killing off all physical forms of money.

Less supply results in more demand. More demand results in the increase in asset value. Increase in asset value = $$$. It just cannot be any simpler than that.

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This is where Vacant Land of the Free comes in. Instead of buying land for its full price and going through all the hassle to own one, we offer Land Owner Financing. The “owner” of our land will finance the land purchase, then sell it to you in exchange for receiving regular payments on agreed terms. Within the terms of Land Owner Financing, you become the “owner” of the land from the start of its start. It is like signing up for a bank mortgage, minus all the hassle of paperwork, credit checks, and pre-approval.

Look into this article to see how much better investing in land works with Vacant Land of the Free.

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