“I’ve Always Wanted This” – A Buying Land Short Story

You were looking for the one. You have saved up some cash, contacted people, traveled far and wide in search of the one thing that will make you and your family happy. And now, you have it – your very own strip of land.

You just finished talking to a guy named “Brent” on the phone, thinking he is probably one of the best guys you’ve ever met. He told you that the land is yours, and you can do pretty much whatever you want with it. You remembered that you only paid just a couple of hundred bucks for it, and you only need to pay small monthly installments until the end of the contract. Life is good.

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You stand up from your couch and walk towards the kitchen counter. You see your wife – smiling at you while straining spaghetti noodles off a hot steel pot. The sweet aroma of the Filipino-styled sauce fills your nostrils, ready to be poured on a bowl full of pasta. You start thinking, “What could be her exact emotion after I reveal our new piece of land?”.

You finish your hearty meal and kiss your wife. She gives you that sweet smile once again, realizing that she will be smiling even bigger after you surprise her. You remember practicing not to give up even the slighting hint of the good news you’re about to share to her.

Pasta for two. Best shared with wife or partner.

Now full of excitement, you head off to the garage to find your red, trusty pick-up truck. You rest your hands on the hood, feeling the warm steel under your palm. It seems that “Bucky” heard your conversation with Brent and has been waiting for your surprise as well the whole morning.

You rev up “Bucky” and reverse towards the driveway, seeing your good old neighbor Sanchez showering his freshly-cut foliage. He sees you and smiles at you with that signature chuckle and bow behind it. You smile and gesture a salute to the old war-vet in return. Life is good.

Driving trusty “Bucky” down the highway.

You arrive at your newly-bought land, with your pick-up truck slowly coming to a halt. You notice that the scenery outside your truck window is sunny but not too warm; windy yet not too strong. It is just a perfect day in an extraordinary place.

You leave your truck on the road, walking towards the middle of your land. You notice the rocks and silt crunching under your Chucks. You feel the cool breeze on your face, under your cap’s visor, shielding you from the sun’s rays. You draw in the familiar smell of blue spruce and pines. You gaze upon the horizon, seeing the mighty Colorado alps in the distance.

Your Chucks crunching on rock and silt.

You arrive at the midpoint. You stop; resting your arms and hands on your waist. You close your eyes, taking everything in as you walk towards the middle; remembering everything you saw driving towards the treasured land; savoring everything from your wife’s hearty home-cooked meal, the rush of excitement as you drove “Bucky” down the driveway waving to old-neighbor Sanchez good-bye, to reaching your destination – a small strip of land.

Finally, you open your eyes and breathe in the crisp Colorado air. You whisper to yourself – “I’ve always wanted this.”.

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