Buying Gold Mines: Investing in Land

Buying land is a form of real estate investment, but you really do not need a ton of money to get started. Instead, the goal of investing in land is to own property that can eventually be sold for more than the purchase price. You can end up owning several plots of land at the same time without ever getting into debt. Raw land can generate income just as easily as owning rental properties or other buildings.

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You can definitely invest in real estate on your own, however, since there are a lot of things to consider when investing real money, working with a real estate professional who has experience in buying and selling investment properties will always be the best choice, since a  buyer must carry out due diligence, pay a price and successfully use the land as an investment. The specialist will also have a good understanding of the location and its predicted future growth, increasing the chances of selling the property in the future, thus fulfilling the word “invest” in investment.

A professional can also help you find the type of property that is often sold for a premium, such as with residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

With some planning and foresight, you could position yourself for success in the real estate market and other areas of the industry. Others swear by investing in land, with some property experts saying it is the best way to invest your money, while others use it to invest in the long-term growth of their property.

Brent Bowers, president of ZechBuysHouses LLC, is an expert on land investing at Vacant Land of the Free.

It is possible to achieve high double-digit returns if you buy the right piece of land at the right price, but there is no way to generate a residual, passive income from vacant land. You must wait for the opportunity to return on your investment and make money from real estate.

The value of the land depends on the area sold and the size of the property. Some raw land can cost hundreds of thousands to a million dollars, while other lands can cost only a few thousand dollars.

For most people, land can be a low-cost investment that does not require a bank loan to start. Investing in vacant properties is not as risky as many investors often see it. The benefits of land investment mentioned above will help convince you to try – and make – a good income. Although it seems that population growth guarantees that land prices will rise, making it the best investment for you, you need to be careful and follow the most proven and time-relevant methods of buying land.

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Real estate is highly liquidity-dependent and capital-intensive, owing to the capital that can be generated from mortgage debt. There is a sub-sector of real estate investment called “real estate development,” which is generally considered the most profitable type of real estate investment in terms of long-term returns.

If investors do not understand and manage these factors well, real estate can become a risky investment in the long run, especially if it is not well understood and managed.

Many people who have experience of buying land as an investment know that research is the key to finding the best property. People who are inexperienced in buying land, however, do not realize that there is often a reason why the land is empty.

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This is where Vacant Land of the Free comes in. Instead of buying land for its full price and going through all the hassle to own one, we offer Land Owner Financing. The “owner” of our land will finance the land purchase, then sell it to you in exchange of receiving regular payments on agreed terms. Within the terms of Land Owner Financing, you become the “owner” of the land from the start of its start. It is like signing up for a bank mortgage, minus all the hassle of paperwork, credit checks, and pre-approval.

Look into this article to see how much better investing on land works with Vacant Land of the Free.

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