7 Perfect Ideas For Your Newly-Purchased Land

Congratulations! You just got an expansive plot of land for a fraction of its market price at Vacant Land of the Free! You are now officially entitled to do pretty much whatever you want with it. But what do you do with it?

The “Do’s and Dont’s” of Buying Land

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land for sale in costilla county colorado

Why should I buy land in Costilla County?

Found at the southernmost tip of Colorado, Costilla County is a region that is just bursting in reasons why more people should be experiencing its beauty. Some of the common ones include fair skies, an almost endless orange-y backdrop of land, and free-roaming animals peacefully keeping the ecosystem alive. But have you ever wondered why … Continued

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Land vs. Cryptocurrency – It’s more similar than you think

Cryptocurrency – since its real conception in the mid-1980s – has gone up and down, here and there. From having just one decentralized cryptocurrency, we now have over 6,000 alternatives to Bitcoin. “Okay, so why are we talking about Crypto in an Online Land Marketplace like Vacant Land of the Free? Have you run out of … Continued

Buying Gold Mines Investing in Land vacant land of the free

Buying Gold Mines: Investing in Land

Buying land is a form of real estate investment, but you really do not need a ton of money to get started. Instead, the goal of investing in land is to own property that can eventually be sold for more than the purchase price. You can end up owning several plots of land at the … Continued

What to Look For When Buying Land in Colorado springs

What to Look For When Buying Land in Colorado springs

Buying land is more than just choosing a piece of dirt to call your own. Not all land is created equal, so we’ve put together some tips on what to look for when buying land. Read on to learn more! Walk the Line Before you purchase any property, you should physically take the time to walk … Continued

Buy Land and Use Our Camper for FREE!

Buy Land and Use Our Camper for FREE!

Fall in love with Colorado! Get land in this state with owner financing and stay in your own land for one week using our camper. For FREE! Yes, you read it right. With just putting the down payment and paying the doc fee on a property located in Colorado, you get free access to our … Continued

New Land Owner FAQ vacant land of the free

New Land Owner FAQ

You did it! You’ve become a landowner. Now that you’ve become a landowner, you may be wondering about our process. We’ve compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions and answered them for you! How do automatic payments work? ACH is an auto debit from your bank account each month for a specified amount … Continued

FAQ About Forbes Park at Costilla County in Colorado

FAQ About Forbes Park at Costilla County in Colorado

Forbes Park is a gated community located outside Fort Garland, in Costilla County, Colorado. It has approximately 13,000 acres, from which 8,000 acres are private lots and the rest is common land. Tree varieties found inside the community include limber pine, aspen, spruces and firs. Are you already feeling the delicious smells provided by the … Continued

4 Reasons to Add Land to Your Investment Portfolio in Colorado springs

If you’re a real estate investor and you’re wondering what your next investment should be, have you considered investing in land? It’s an often-overlooked investment with a lot of potential, and it’s a simple way for someone to extend their real estate investing portfolio in a different direction. Here are 4 reasons to add land … Continued