7 Perfect Ideas For Your Newly-Purchased Land

Congratulations! You just got an expansive plot of land for a fraction of its market price at Vacant Land of the Free! You are now officially entitled to do pretty much whatever you want with it.

Then comes the dilemma. “Do I do something with it, or do I not?”

“Do I do something with it, or do I not?”

No worries, friend. We are here to help you with making a decision that you won’t regret. Here are some of the best use of vacant land there is.

Build your Dream House

Let’s start the list off with the most common reason people buy vacant land. Humans naturally wanted to build and design their own dream houses since time immemorial; It’s just the manifestation of the human “shelter instinct” that sums up why it’s commonly done worldwide. We reckon that even you want to build your own dream house.

Your Dream Home

Well, there’s no stopping you. Just make sure that you bought a residential-zoned land and see to it that you know how the limitations of building on it. Luckily, Helen at Vacant Land of the Free – as part of the process – lets you in on everything you need to know before the purchase.

Build a Hostel/Motel

Okay, so you already built your dream house off from a previously-purchased land from the same people, Vacant Land of the Free. That’s great! But then you just bought another piece of land. Oh no.

Provide temporary shelter to travelers!

Actually, it should be “Oh Yes!”. Considering that Helen told you that the land you were about to buy was a commercial-zoned one, you can still build a house – this time, it’s for other people.

A hostel/motel is one thing. At times, plots of land sold by Vacant Land of the Free are on the way to other areas within states; this means that it’s a good idea to put a hostel/motel business due to travelers coming and going.

An Escape/Resort/Retreat

Going back to purchasing residential-zoned land from Vacant Land of the Free, assuming you already have a dream home built someplace else, it’s also a good idea for you to construct your own “getaway” place.

Look into the landscape on your wooden porch…

Sometimes, there is land sold on niche-communities such as golfers, swimmers, etc. One example is this Arizona land within a Country Club & Golf Course; since its community focuses on one obsession – Golf – it would be an excellent idea to build your private retreat if you like golfing yourself. Imagine taking a work leave for a week or two and taking you and/or your family on a golfing spree. Sounds awesome? We think so.

A Common Workspace

It’s 2020 going 2021. We’re literally in the 3rd decade of the 21st century. It’s almost 200 years since the industrial revolutions and 30 years since the internet became a thing. Almost everyone has access to fast internet speeds – even wirelessly.

A Common Workspace for everyone…

With that said, working in traditional offices meant boring, controlled, slow-paced environments. Since the Millenials came up with the idea of taking work home, common workplaces became a trend – thus the beginning of working-from-anywhere; this is why co-working spaces like the ones offered by Regus, are profitable.

If you think the community needs something like this, you can build your own co-working space on your newly-purchased commercial-zoned land. Just make sure that all common co-working space amenities will be available – fast, dedicated broadband internet, furniture, coffee, etc.

A Recreational Community Park

Since the advent of COVID-19, people have missed going outside without restrictions. Going to non-essential places such as parks have been prohibited. Now that we’re approaching the 1st year since the pandemic started, we’re looking at a much better place especially now that vaccines are emerging worldwide.

Sometimes, it’s good to go for a walk at the park.

There’s no doubt, at least personally, that recreational parks will trend in the future. If giving back to the community is your thing, you can create your recreational park with a twist. You may put your kids’ dream playground on it and share it with everyone to enjoy, or maybe put a basketball, baseball, or volleyball court, even a skate park. Having a lot of land space can get your creative juices rolling, and having a vision such as building out a park is a perfect canvas for you.

A Bachelor’s Beer & Barbecue Garden

Ah, the bachelor’s dream. You already have your dream job and your dream house, and you have a rowdy circle of friends looking for a place to hang out. You just bought land from Vacant Land of the Free and got tired of going to bars. Perfect.

Sizzling Burgers on your Outdoor Grill on your Own Garden, Away from home…

How about building out your own Beer & Barbecue Garden? Imagine having your friends hang out with you on it; yes, it’s an awesome idea. You can create twists like having a pool on it; a cottage with a space for live sports watching, building out a bar just when you’ve practiced bartending for some odd reason. It’s your blank slate of manhood. Make it count.

Lastly, a Dog Park

Already thought of all of this? It’s all for you and your family, and even the community. How about your bubbly-wubbly bestfriend?

We love dogs as much as you do, and so we thought of this and saved it for the best for last. You can create your dog’s dream park. Just imagine them running around freely, playing with their owners and other dogs without restrictions. It’s literal heaven for dogs.

OR, Visit the Land Sharks

You can actually profit from your vacant land without building a business site on it. How? Contact us to know more about the Land Sharks!

Think we missed any perfect ideas for your plot of land? Let us know in the comments!

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